Analisi Grafica

Published every month on IL – Intelligence in lifestyle

An information graphic has to be an intelligent representation.
The effort of Analisi Grafica spread is to combine and organize data, select and choose how to display it in order to tell a story that can be an alternative to writing an article of ten thousand words or more. In this way an infographic is at the same time design but also narrative. This means a union between graphics and journalism because it is not only a representation but also an interpretation of the reality. View more

Letteratura Grafica

Published on IL – Intelligence in lifestyle

Letteratura Grafica, through non-linear infographic language, aims to translate into two-dimensional spaces the relationships and connections between the characters and the elements of the story. The goal is to produce synoptic maps that allow the relationships between the elements of literary narrative to be seen, and specifically, to show complex relationships in a more easily understood way using linear forms. View more

Other infographics

Published on IL – Intelligence in lifestyle and other magazines

While words and sentences are part of the verbal communication system, images and graphical representations are the key elements for visual communication. Because infographics use a combination of images, words and numbers, they operate in a hybrid system touching both fields, the verbal and the visual. Because of that they offer us the greatest opportunity to increase the effectiveness of our communications. View more

All the infographics are available in higher resolution on my Flickr