The Intelligent Lifestyle Magazine
Fearless graphic design, editorial layouts that make stories burst off the page, and compelling visual storytelling every bit as bold as the journalism. A radically innovative approach that feels like an instant classic. A toolkit for standout print media. The Intelligent Lifestyle Magazine is the first comprehensive look at the editorial philosophy and design process […] Read more – ‘The Intelligent Lifestyle Magazine’.
Speaking Schedule 2016
Here are some of the public events I’ll be speaking at over the next few months. Other events to be announced soon. Read more – ‘Speaking Schedule 2016’.
Conference: What is Editorial Design?
In previsione di una grande affluenza di pubblico, giovedì 14 gennaio 2016 la conferenza What is Editorial Design? si svolgerà in Aula Magna ai Tolentini Read more – ‘Conference: What is Editorial Design?’.
Art Direction and the Press
The twenty-first issue of the journal Graphisme en France has been released, published by the Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap), centred on the subject of Art Direction and the Press. Read more – ‘Art Direction and the Press’.
Workshop with Nicholas Felton
The New Aesthetic of Data Narrative by Francesco Franchi and Nicholas Felton Hosted by Kerning, the first international conference in Italy dedicated solely to typography and web typography. Read more – ‘Workshop with Nicholas Felton’.
Speaking Schedule 2015
Here are some of the public events I’ll be speaking at over the next few months. Other events to be announced soon. Read more – ‘Speaking Schedule 2015’.
Infographic Thinking Workshop in Singapore, October 23–24, 2014
Following the sold-out success of last year I returned to Singapore this October for a two-day workshop at Singapore National Library, in partnership with Gestalten and Methodology. Read more – ‘Infographic Thinking Workshop in Singapore, October 23–24, 2014’.
YODO, You Only Design Once
YODO (#YouOnlyDesignOnce) is the new column devoted to graphic design, published every month on IL magazine. Read more – ‘YODO, You Only Design Once’.
Infographic Thinking Workshop in Milan, June 19–20, 2014
As designers we are living the most interesting and challenging age of the news industry. The technology used in writing is undergoing a huge transformation, addressing itself to a multitude of languages. The great challenge of our time is to combine different languages, in order to increase knowledge and understanding, to inform and clarify. Read more – ‘Infographic Thinking Workshop in Milan, June 19–20, 2014’.
Designing News
Francesco Franchi’s perceptive book about the future of the news and media industries in our digital age. In Designing News, award-winning editorial and infographics designer Francesco Franchi conveys his vision for the future of the news and media industries. He evaluates the fundamental changes that are taking place in our digital age in terms of […] Read more – ‘Designing News’.
V&A Memory Palace Exhibition
Historical panorama tracking western theories about the art of memory designed for Memory Palace Exhibition at V&A Museum, London 18 June — 20 October 2013 The Ancient Greeks created an elaborate memory system, based on a technique of impressing ‘places’ and ‘images’ (loci and imagines) on the mind. Read more – ‘V&A Memory Palace Exhibition’.
Infographic Thinking Workshop
The workshop aims at highlighting the potential of infographic thinking as modality to approach and interpret reality: not only limited to the traditional graphic design disciplines, today infographic is able to translate a complex issue into an effective and recognizable visual form, producing new knowledge and revealing new meanings. Download the Infographic Thinking workshop fact […] Read more – ‘Infographic Thinking Workshop’.
Infographics. A Visual Definition
Infographic as impossibility in its purest form Poster designed for the twentieth anniversary of the Malofiej Infographic Award. In 2012 SND-E asked 81 leading journalists and graphics artists to define Infographics. ‘What does Infographics mean to you?’ ‘How would you define it?’ ‘How would you describe the profession?’ Read more – ‘Infographics. A Visual Definition’.
Graphic Literature
Bi-dimensional versions of classic literature My written contribute to Malofiej18 Annual Publication, p. 50 Index Books, Spain 2011 In 1654, while publishing her novel Clélie (1), Madeleine de Scudéry also published a map she herself had created. Her ‘Carte du pays de Tendre’’ (fig.1) — a map of the Land of Tenderness — presents a […] Read more – ‘Graphic Literature’.
The limits of infographics
An information graphic has to be an intelligent representation My written contribute to Malofiej17 Annual Publication, p. 54 Index Books, Spain 2010 INTELLIGENCE literally means being able to understand and quickly comprehend what we see. In order to help us graphic designers use visual metaphors which are a powerful aid to human thinking. During the […] Read more – ‘The limits of infographics’.