Form and content have to work together to deliver an idea that is enjoyable, useful and informative

In contemporary society the word technology is undergoing a change and we are currently embracing multiple languages. The biggest challenge of the moment is to combine all these languages to increase understanding. Editorial design has at its heart the function of communicating a journalistic idea or story through the purposeful use of visuals and words which, over time, transform information into comprehension. Graphic design does not refer just to an aesthetic solution but has to aspire to become an ethic aspect for a journalistic product. Therefore, design is content and a designer works as a facilitator to make communication easier, collaborating with editors to get the best usable product. Design does not necessarily mean something beautiful. Beauty is evoked like harmony coming from the particular function and usefulness of the object. So the composition criteria have to be founded in the intrinsic logic of the objects, in their function and in their contribution to everyday life.

Information Design

Analisi Grafica — The effort of an infographic spread is to combine and organize data, select and choose how to display it in order to tell a story that can be an alternative to writing an article of ten thousand words or more. In this way an infographic is at the same time design but also narrative. This means a union between graphics and journalism because it is not only a representation but also an interpretation of the reality.

Letteratura Grafica — Is an attempt to translate some pieces of literature classics in a non linear way through two dimensions graphics and maps.

Editorial Design

IL — Intelligence in lifestyle — The monthly newsmagazine of ‘Il Sole 24 ORE’. IL is dedicated to contemporary trends and consumer interests, and uses current events as the key to understand changes in lifestyle. Its target is a contemporary, international audience who looks for ironic, unconventional and reflective contents. The idea is to give to readers “soft” news as if they were “hard” news: in a serious, journalistic style that wants to be both informative and elegant

Dieci — Sports newspaper designed while working at Leftloft

Other Works

Designing News

Changing the World of Editorial Design and Information Graphics. My perceptive book about the future of the news and media industries in our digital age. Published by Gestalten, 2013. Read more

V&A Memory Palace

Historical panorama tracking western theories about the art of memory designed for Memory Palace Exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Read more


The RE-Designer project is my final dissertation in Graphic Design MA. This thesis wants to underline the importance of the designer’s modus operandi and his integration, first in decision-making, and then working in team in order to create a successfull editorial project, where innovation is in an optimized production flow, where planning, creativity and teamwork are the heart of the packaging process of the news. Read more

Infographic as impossibility in its purest form

Poster designed for the twentieth anniversary of the Malofiej Infographic Award. Read more

Newspaper Map

The Newspaper Map is a typographic map of the underlying complex system that rules the daily production of a newspaper. Read more


Infographic Thinking

The workshop aims at highlighting the potential of infographic thinking as modality to approach and interpret reality: not only limited to the traditional graphic design disciplines, today infographic is able to translate a complex issue into an effective and recognizable visual form, producing new knowledge and revealing new meanings. Read more