L’incombenza del designer contemporaneo nel redesign di un quotidiano — verso un nuovo paradigma

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In the contemporary society we are not talking about newspapers any more, but news brands which deliver stories across all platforms: from the moment the news happens until the paper the next day. Readers know that when they pick up their paper the news is dated, so they need background, they need a digest.
Being a newspaper designer used to be about redesigning layout on paper; now it’s about rethinking a whole process.


The aim of this thesis is to reflect on this transformation, trying to assess its problems, but also opportunities. It wants to bring the transition from the redesign to the RE-Designer, a new design paradigm and a new epistemology of the practice of designer. The proposal is based on the consideration that the immediate reaction, impulsive and superficial, of the most part of newspapers, was a race to build the trick without a reflection on the previous years and the reasons for what is going on.

It makes the assumption that in this context, the designer can have a significant role due to its characteristics of multidisciplinarity, empathy and creativity, features that are functional to the development of the capacity in order to understand the reality-society-complexity and for the success of a good project to redesign; understood not as re-drawing, but as re-design and re-thinking.

This thesis wants to underline the importance of the designer’s modus operandi and his integration, first in decision-making, and then working in team in order to create a successfull editorial project, where innovation – beyond distribution, form and content – is in an optimized production flow, where planning, creativity and teamwork are the heart of the packaging process of the news.

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